Here you’ll find a more in-depth breakdown of my ideas on IP, blockchain and web3.

Discover how Bandai Namco's iconic IPs can thrive in the Metaverse and transform into immersive digital experiences in this engaging exploration by Marc Schaumburg-Ingwersen on Epic Creators' Corner.

Explore the enduring success of "One Piece" and the power of consistency in intellectual property through the insightful lens of Marc Schaumburg-Ingwersen in this in-depth analysis on Epic Creators' Corner.

The article explores how the synergy between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intellectual Property (IP) is revolutionizing the investment landscape by leveraging AI's data-driven capabilities …

In this article, Marc Schaumburg-Ingwersen explores the intricate world of Netflix's recommendation algorithm and its evolution from a snail-mail movie rental service to a streaming giant.

The partnership of human writers and AI promises not only increased creativity but also heightened efficiency, cost savings, and the ability to harness technology for optimized content creation.

Marc Schaumburg-Ingwersen expresses concern about the cinema industry's challenges, highlighting the shrinking support for content creation and the struggles of writers…



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